Joy A. Snyder
Certified Spray Tan Technician



Sun Worshipper would be an understatement. My high school Senior prediction was that I would one day own my own tanning salon. The class of 96” was pretty insightful lol. Honestly, I love being tan. It’s that simple. What wasn’t simple was the two sun damage spots I had removed from arm. I am Irish. Freckled and fair (no seriously I am!) but you’d never guess from the look of my Tantrum Spray Tan. I am in my forties getting lines on my face by the day, I don’t need to help accelerate that. I do not want the surface damage, let alone the unthinkable Melanoma. I am a Wife to the most handsome, sweet, supportive man, Mom to the two most beautiful girls in the world Abby & Ryan, Mom to Tank & Chunk the most handsome bulldogs ever, a business woman who wants to continue to bring the best products and knowledge , and most importantly living a healthy, successful, sunshine filled life.



Tantrum is a Luxury Mobile Spray Tan Bar that gives the Client the opportunity to get a beautiful bronze glow in the comfort of their own home, office or venue. I am Certified by the NSTPA and Fully Insured. At Tantrum, only 100% vegan, paraben free, and gluten free solutions are used. Clients being comfortable and looking natural is what Tantrum promises! #getyourbronzeon


Client Reviews

Tantrum Spray was an awesome experience. The time and detail that was taken for a perfect tan was money well spent to feel good about yourself. So happy with the results. Thank you so much.
— Kim K.
I was so excited to hear about this! Not only is Joy so close, she is amazing! She knows exactly what shade to use on you by your skin tone and takes her time doing it. I got it done yesterday, woke up and took a shower and there wasn’t one mark that was uneven or discolored. I will for sure be back for all of my events that I have coming up!
— Julie M.
I have had the perfect tan for almost 2 weeks now! Such a convenient way to get tan and not have to travel. Can’t wait to have a Tantrum Tan Party!
— Jen A.